I Quit Being the Hero’s Rival

Title: I Quit Being the Hero’s Rival (최강자 남주의 라이벌을 그만두었더니)


One day, Annabelle recalled her past life. She’d reincarnated as the second most popular character in a certain novel. Unfortunately, she committed all kinds of terrible acts against the male lead and then ended up in prison.

This is crazy, I’ll get arrested!

Annabelle begins saving the hero, Ian, from danger. She intercepts attacks and foils conspiracies one after another to prevent her impending doom. In the process, she catches the attention of some unexpected individuals.

“Oh my! That’s it! That’s the spirit of chivalry pursued by our family!” Ian’s mother’s eyes began to sparkle.

“Would you like to be my partner for the opera?” She’d just been trying to save Ian, so why was the prince flirting with her…?

“Ian, I’ve decided to quit being your rival and forge a new path.”

“A new path?”

“I’ll stop paying attention to you. I’m going to settle down with a regular man and live a regular life.”

Except, the male lead keeps paying attention to her. “Why aren’t you cursing at me like usual? Do it once more.”

Everyone is acting way too weird!

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She’s Not Our Daughter!

Title: She’s Not Our Daughter! (얘 우리 딸 아니에요)


A few years ago, I had a one-night stand. This ex-boyfriend of mine—now a Duke—came to visit me saying that he regretted abandoning me.

What are you talking about? What’s there to regret after an amicable breakup?

…Also, I think he misunderstood that my sister’s daughter is ours.

“I had no idea that you were raising our child alone.”

Just what is this situation?

That’s when, my niece who had been hiding behind me, stuck out her tongue. “I hate you. You’re just a bad guy who abandoned us. Leave!”

He staggered back in utter shock.

No, he didn’t abandon you. I’m not even your mother!

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My Time Was Limited, So I Became the Villain’s Daughter-in-Law

Title: My Time Was Limited, So I Became the Villain’s Daughter-in-Law ( 시한부라서 흑막의 며느리가 되었는데)


The last boss is being deceived by his daughter-in-law, whose life he thinks has a time limit. Since I’ll conveniently die off, I’ve been chosen as his son’s bride.

Don’t worry, I already know the cure! I don’t want to die, but if he finds out I might get killed anyway.

“Daddy, I love you so much. You’re the most handsome man in the world—cough, cough!”

“Evan, let’s read a fairy tale together before sleeping.”

I’ll behave to get them to let their guards down. I’ll do a great job and secretly depart after fully healing. In the meantime, I must earn a lot of money and buy land under a pseudonym.

“Call every council member on the continent if you have to. My daughter-in-law must live.”

…Father? Shouldn’t you be throwing me away?

“If you die, I’ll definitely follow you. I can’t live in a world without you.”

…Husband? You’re acting strange as well. Aren’t you someone who can’t love?


“Who is Kyle Ravonis? The man who tried to seduce my daughter-in-law deserves death.”

“I don’t care if you were with another man. I’ll never break up with you.”

You’re misunderstanding! It’s just my pseudonym!

“When did all this start, huh? You said you wanted to live as a happily married couple, but tried to run away instead?”

Hang on, I want to disappear quietly, not die! I didn’t know my husband—who’s been a friend to me since we were young—could make a face like that.

“You’re legally my wife—so live and die as my wife.”


“You’ve given me both heaven and hell…” I felt trapped under his red eyes. “No matter where you go, you’ll never be able to escape me.”

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I Played the Role of Adopted Daughter Too Well

Title: I Played the Role of Adopted Daughter Too Well (입양딸 역할을 지나치게 잘해버렸다)


When I first possessed a character in this book, my goal was simply to survive. ‘I have to live long and be happy!’ I thought as I tried my best.

“Wherever you go, the seat beside you is mine. You promised to pat my head for the rest of your life, didn’t you?” The male lead—a strong man that is eventually stabbed—stared at me with an obsessive gaze. If I say no, he might destroy the world.

“I’ll kill him. Then you’ll be happy too, right?” My fifth brother is a bit crazy.

“From here to here—it’s all my land. Now it’s yours too. I’m just glad to be able to accomplish your dreams.” My fourth sister, the richest woman on the continent, pointed to a map as she said this. If I tell her that I have no such dream, a catastrophe might occur.

“I await the Winter Solstice, when you’ll take complete control.” The butler who served me laughed darkly.

“If you don’t stay with me, my heart might stop. Will you be okay with that?” My first sister, who was meant to be the successor, threatened me with her own life.

However, what was the biggest problem of all? Somehow, a faint smile came to my father’s face. He became even stronger than in the original. “Be independent? Try your best. I won’t even let a single ant survive in that land.”

“Did you think you could leave my arms and stand by yourself…?”

They were all acting weird. Everything has gone wrong. I was just trying to do my best…

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The Villainess is Shy When Receiving Affection

Title: The Villainess is Shy in Receiving Affection (악역 소녀는 사랑받기가 부끄러워요)


My wicked mother brought home a Duke’s daughter one day. Lorretta was the heroine of The Duke’s Four Children, while I—Melody—was a villainess punished by my mother for tormenting her.

I didn’t want to die like that, so I treated her well. I fed her, put her to sleep, and played with her. What was her response?

“I hope Melody and Lorretta get married!” This endless affection led me to join her at the dukedom. “I’ll stick with Melody!” She keeps saying.

Why am I being loved when I was only kind enough to ensure survival…!

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Isn’t It Better to Be a Wicked Woman?

Title: Isn’t It Better to Be a Wicked Woman? (악녀라서 편하고 좋은데요?)


I possessed the hated villainess of an unpopular novel, but you might have thought that my personality would make it difficult to play this role.

Well, think again.

“I’ll craft a dress according to your tastes immediately! Of course, as per your request, it will be one-of-a-kind!”

People seemed to listen well even if I sit and frown. Since I’m living without any difficulties, I’ve decided to continue as a villainess.

“Father, is it necessary to solve this equation in such an inefficient way?” But I thought it would be a good idea to be a rich villainess, so I used my head.

“May I have the honor of escorting the lady?”

Hang on, I’m having a hard enough time dealing with my father, so why did you appear? Why are you disrupting my plans?!

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Ten Ways to Get Dumped by the Tyrant

Title: Ten Ways to Get Dumped by a Tyrant (폭군에게 차이는 10가지 방법)


I became the tyrant’s fiancée—an obsessed villainess—who ends up killed. Thank goodness I remembered before the original story began. After diligently performing actions that would lead to an engagement cancellation…I ended up developing a friendship with said tyrant?

He wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Therefore, after he met the female lead for the first time, I simply asked “How was it?”


“I’m talking about Lady Diel, Your Majesty?”

He tilted his head. Why is he pretending not to understand? He’s supposed to fall in love with her at first site. I laughed and poked his arm.

“You know, if you find someone that you like, please tell me.”

“Why? So that you can kill her?”

Do you think I’m you?

“Well, so I know to break off our engagement—”

“Milady.” The smile on his face disappeared in an instant. He stared at me before letting out a dark chuckle, “Don’t make jokes like that.” His hand gently brushed off a strand of hair from my cheek. “What would you do if I went crazy?”

…Hey, why would you go crazy? Aren’t you supposed to hate me?

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